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Ideal Weight by Health Calculator Chart Weight for height chart

Weight for height chart : Nowadays people are very worried about their weight on one side and on another side, some people don’t know that they are fit or not. They don’t know that their weight is normal according to their height or not so for clearing all the doubts from peoples mind we are representing an ideal weight by health chart calculator by seeing this chart you’ll be able to know about your fitness with the help of ideal body mass index (BMI) this index will tell you about according to your height your body weight is accurate or not.

This chart is not the same for all human beings it is different for women and men because both have different body structures and capacity so that’s why both sexes have different equations for the ideal height and weight chart. So according to the researches the BMI who ranked with the best health person, BMI is 22. These charts are only for the adult male and females’ children and teenagers are not included in it.

So some people are confused about whether they are fit or not or they are fat so you can clear all your doubts with the help of this chart.

How to calculate your ideal weight?

Yes, this is the question that comes in everyone’s mind so don’t worry we tell you an easy way to calculate about your ideal weight. It is not complicated it is just a thumb rule it doesn’t base on any study and research.

So males and females have different equations so their rule is also different when we calculate ideal weight.

Weight for height chart Male

Ideal body weight is in kilograms always for calculation of it you have to know the actual weight of the body and then add 1.9 kg for each inch which is over the 5 feet.For examples= Actual body weight addition of 1.9 kg each inch over 5 feet.

Weight for height chart Female

Ideal weight body weight in the female is the same as in males the only difference is instead of 1.9kg over 5 feet per inch here add 1.7 kg that’s the only difference.

Weight for height chart helps people in knowing about their fitness or actual health. This is most important nowadays to become fit and healthy because of this busy and hectic schedule of lifestyle. If you can’t make yourself fit then you invite disease into your body and house so make sure that you become fit this will help you in becoming active and energized always.

Many scientists after discoveries and researches tell that if any adult is who is overweight and if he/she tries to lose some of the weight than this will show a great impact on their body not only internally but externally as well.

Weight for height chart will improve your cholesterol and your blood pressure level as well. Your body weight will define your internal health as well. There are only two situations that will be possible either you are underweight or you are overweight that’s it.

But if you are underweight you have to take it seriously that means your body will not get all the nutrients which it wants to work properly and functionally and gaining the weight doesn’t mean that you eat fast food and unhealthy food eat nutritious food which is good for your health and increasing your weight with a healthy way.

If you are overweight that the same you have to lose weight you have to change the eating habits you have to cut off from sugar and unhygienic fast food for getting back into the shape and add some more habits into your routine like do more physical work including exercise and walking in your routine this will definitely help you in reducing your weight naturally. If you can’t lose your weight then your body is easily trapped by problems like blood pressure, cholesterol, heart problems, diabetes, etc.

So use this weight for height chart this will help you in telling about how much weight you have to lose or gain for becoming healthy. It is also important for women to become healthy and fit because overweight will cause many problems like hormonal imbalance, PCOS, PCOD, irregular periods, and other things so use weight for height chart females to get back into shape to become fit and fine.


The percentage of your body fat is not similar to BMI. The need for this measurement is only for knowing that you are able to gain muscles and lose fat. The range in the body fat percentage is also different for males and females.

Bodyweight measurements for kids and teenagers

Finding the ideal body weight about kids and teenagers is difficult because they are in their grown-up stage so the calculation is not accurate in this but from some searches, scientists find an equation who doesn’t claim that this is the accurate weight but it’s like approximation.

Formulae are = (Height×Weight)703 you can easily do it with the help of a calculator which is at the CDC site. So the result which you get is based on the age and it is approximation not actual.

Why there is a difference in the appearances?

When you look into the ideal height weight chart so that doesn’t mean that you look same as the other person appear there are many factors in which due to which the person look different either they are of the same height or weight so appearance may differ so don’t think this person is glowing and we have the same height and weight, why you are not glowing this is not any fact appearance, may vary due to many of the factors and some of the factors are:

  • Muscle mass: Somebody has more muscles rather than a fan and someone has fat rather than muscle so that’s why there is a difference in the appearance of two different persons.
  • Body shapes: It is also the factor of difference in appearance.

There are many more factors such as Age Group, Fat storage and Proportions.

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