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Welcome to Weightloss- 4u website. Here you can find various weight loss plans and diets to reduce weight safely and naturally.

In India many people are facing excess weight problems these days. Excess weight is root cause for many health related problems. So we should give importance for reducing weight. If we are already with excess weight we should follow proper weight loss plans or weight loss diets to lose excess weights.

Most of Indian diets consists of lot of carbohydrate foods with less proteins and fibre content. Thats why many Indians these days are suffering with obesity and diabetic problems. In olden days people use to do their regular works manullay with out relaying on any machine. But in this modern age people completely depend on machines for each work. Every work from kitchen to Office work.

Indians use to burn their excess carbohydrates from their body when there is no dependence on machines. With the change of Generations now people completely relay on machines, leaving with no exercise to their body. The food habits didnot change with the change of generations.

Though this website we are planning to explain various weightloss plans that suits your life style. There are many websites which explains various Weight loss plans. Most of the weight loss plans are designed by foreign dietitians with diets suited for western country people. In this website one can find Indian version of various western diets plans.

These days there are lot of products arriving in the market saying Quick weightloss. Even there are advertisements with Weight loss pills. Weight lost through Quick weight loss plans will regain in very quick time. So we should go for plan which can burn excess fat through Natural process. Weight loss pills will cause side effect to our body in near future.

We have explained various Diet plans designed by both Indian and western Dietitians to loose weight naturally.